Timeswell Agency

Teachers for School

Putonghua has increased tremendously in popularity over the past decade. Kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools and high schools from United States, England, Canada, Australia, Singapore and Germany have all added Mandarin into their curriculum or courses offered.We have introduced or trained thousands of Putonghua teachers since the founding of our School in 2000. Through our services, many teachers have been employed by local or overseas schools and the number is still increasing. Most of our teacher candidates have related overseas qualifications. They communicate well in English and adapt to life overseas easily.


Mandarin Nannies

A Mandarin family nanny is less like a staff in your household but more like a family member who speaks and interacts with Mandarin. With a Mandarin-speaking nanny taking care of your children, they will be native speakers in less than a year! Amazing? We will find a mandarin nanny for you according to your needs and your location. Once we have a suitable candidate, we will arrange a free interview or 1 to 2 trial lessons for you. We promise to answer your enquiries within 12 hours and provide suitable candidates for interview within a day of receiving all the information we need.

Family Teachers

This service is suitable for families that require at least 15 hours per week of Putonghua learning experience for their children. Depending on the instruction time per day/days per week, we will recommend either part-time or full-time Mandarin family teachers. Our Mandarin family teachers will only speak Putonghua when interacting with your children to give them a pure Putonghua learning environment. Besides taking care of your children and giving them a Mandarin environment, our Mandarin family teachers will help with your children’s homework, contact school teachers when necessary, and set up Mandarin instruction courses for your children.  Please contact us for enquiry.  

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